Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why Grow Up?

I have been driving a long way and, in the absence of anything to say, I shall merely share with you a txt exchange between me 'n' Nige to give you a flavour of my last couple of days.
Me: Byrds' Chimes of Freedom made me v happy. Stoke is vile.
Nige: God yes. On both counts I'm sure (tho I remember q liking Burton). Mind you, Dylan's Chimes at Newport....
Me: It is the most wonderful song and I don't think I rated it at the time. Probably the slight Ginsberg feel. I like that now. Came into S.... after 600 miles with top down and Mr Tambourine Man by Byrds at full ear bleed. I must grow up. Also there were rainbows.
Nige: Me neither. That sounds a perfect jrney. Why grow up? And rainbows!
Me: I know - the rainbows were a bit de trop.


  1. Recently been asked to grow up but I will refuse to do so until the last possible moment. I will find either God or maturity on my deathbed.

  2. Dick, I hope you turf them out and change the sheets.

    I'm going to listen to The Byrds on youtube now....

  3. Are you in Australia again? Was that Sydney you reached? Have fun. Watch out for feral 'roos.

  4. no, Susan, it was my home village in Norfolk

  5. Rainbows are really Bifrost - the road to Asgard. You should have steered straight at the nearest rainbow in an attempt to storm Asgard and steal Idunn's golden apples of immortality. As long as you floor the gas it's perfectly safe.

  6. This is a very thoughtful site.

    I would like to contribute to its success.

  7. 'S....' at the end of the rainbow? Given multiple rainbows, does that mean every rainbow?
    Oh dear; always suspected as much.

  8. The De Trop Rainbows - good name for a band.

    Don't talk to me about driving; M4, M5, M6, M60, M62, East Lancs Road, I've done em all this weekend.

    Do you find that each motorway has a distinct character, after a bit? My favourite is the M5 southbound between Gloucester and Michael Wood services. It feels happily downhill and sunny; if it were a Byrds song it would be Mr Tambourine Man. The worst is the M6 between Brum and Manchester, grim and eschatological, something like "I Come and Stand at Every Door". The M4 heading into Wales would of course be "Turn! Turn! Turn!"...

  9. a diiferent life beyond the rainbow is appearing..