Sunday, May 17, 2009


'And where is the poor soul who washes his smalls and must surely, of late, had some dreadful scraping to do?
Quentin Letts on the plight of Speaker Martin.
Do they write like this in the Daily Mail these days? I had no idea.


  1. ... and if he doesn't look like a pig on two legs, I never saw one!

  2. Throw them in the bin and put them on the expenses claim, would surely be a wiser course of action?..maybe not these days.

  3. John Updike was very very afraid of death. This is not a salutary fear,
    from which we may learn: he was rawly, brokenly afraid of it -- so much so that it undermines his expressed Christianity. We can see him scrabbling for palliatives among the metaphysicians and theologians, coming up temporarily soothed by this or that piece of hokum .. but he was just too honest and empirically geared to deafen himself long. His perception (that
    of a great novelist) did not stop at the void before and after. I am reminded of Abbott's fallacy, 'That consciousness is a small accident / preventing bliss.'