Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Pig That Did Not Fly

I seem to have returned to a cat-fight between Hears and Blarman. Meanwhile, Polly does not, as the headline suggests, think Brown can forge a triumph, she thinks, quite rightly, that Post Offices are horrible and should be better. Brown forging a triumph, flu-free flying pigs - not going to happen in this life. I'm still sticking by my gone by June forecast, though I admit time is short and everybody is saying it can't happen. Still, even if I am wrong, you have to acknowledge it's damn close. His departure would usher in a new Summer of Love, a great wave of national rejoicing, even if Blarman gets the job. But sadly, at 50,000, the petition is well short of the 60 million required.


  1. Rare is the problem which cannot be solved by Harriet Harman's razor-sharp intellect and shrewd political nous.

    Nevertheless, I feel that the prospect of her becoming Prime Minister is a risk begging for mitigation.

  2. Whatever has Hazel, Westminster's own nippy sweetie gone and done, bless her bouncy little countenance, stirred it up that's what, there was Gordon, sailing along, not a care in the world, on top of the problems, when ginger nut opens her mouth. Cat out of bag, fox among the chickens. Up steps Harriet, what an asset to the nation that ms is, where would we be without her, Gordon's very own Patty Hewes, smile constructed from 90% solidified rat poison, 7% concentrated sulphuric acid and 3% Marmite, at least Patty lies convincingly, unlike Harry girl.

    Charlie Manson's burdz put on a similar performance.
    "Why Charlie, that sweet innocent man, a murderer, whatever makes you think that ?"