Saturday, May 09, 2009

Real Corruption

You call this corruption? Forget it. This is corruption. Union barons still run the Labour Party. As Gerry Adams once said of the Provisional IRA, 'They've not gone away you know.'

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  1. Nicely highlighted Bryan, the damage done by union gross cheeses playing politics, aided and abetted by Wilson and Callaghan virtually bankrupt UK Ltd.
    The nauseating sight of their constant coming and going through the door marked ten is one never forgotten. The Transport and General Workers Union in particular were responsible for the loss of far more jobs the Thatcher government ever was.
    To give some context....a friend of mine in the early seventies manufactured specialised machinery the natural market for which was the automotive industry. He had for some time tried to break into the German market and had managed to persuade Daimler Benz to visit and view his product in use at Leyland's Longbridge plant. Turning up at the plant with two carloads of German engineers he was refused entry, by the pickets, another unofficial strike was in full flood.
    After a deeply embarrassing round of apologies he managed to get them on a flight back to Stuttgart.
    Amazingly and an indication of his powers of persuasion they were talked into a second visit.

    Turning up at Longbridge once again he took them straight to his pride and joy (housed in an enclosure the size of a large living room) A long queue was standing outside, asking the last man in line what was going on my friend was told "hardly been used mate, unions blocked it's use, it's the unofficial barbers shop now" what sort of management structure was in place here, left hand / right hand syndrome possibly.
    Amusing now, deadly then, highlights the cancer that was the combination of the trade union movement and weak, uneducated management, the unions, held up as war heroes by the liberal left of course, in turn highlighting how stupid they were, and are.

    The German engineers went home in disgust, shaking their heads in disbelief.

    Today's union leaders are no less deadly than their fallen comrades, hopefully the next administration will ignore them.
    The present one of course, leadership challenge wise, has to dance to their tune.

    Makes a nice change from dancing to Freds I suppose.

    I would tell you another union related story about a friend who was John DeLorian's No.. in northern Ireland but that would be a comment too far.

    Anybody want an unused John Lewis electronics dept receipt ? only a fiver.