Thursday, May 07, 2009

More Jobs for Joanna?

Okay, guys, what can we use Joanna Lumley for? She seems to be dictating government policy. Resignation of Brown obviously, but also forcible repatriation of Drogbar and Ballack under armed guard? I don't think we should hold back, we have a terrible and wonderful weapon at our disposal.


  1. Remarkable burd, has Broon by the ba..hang on a minute, he ain't got any.
    What can we use her for, set her on the bankers, can you imagine what she would do to Goodwins goolies, hang on a minute, he hasn't got any either.
    Oh all right then, she can sort AA Gill out, what, 10 mins, she would have his testic..hold it, nor has he.

    Best she just come and live in the spare bedroom, must OK that with frau Malty.

  2. Dont know, but I am with Malty on this one, it would involve nudity and ice cream.

  3. Should she be looking to make a few bob on the side, I've always thought Joanna would make an excellent drug mule

  4. Leader of a very British coup? Or has she already achieved this?

  5. Hand and blow, definitely.