Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Read This Now

Busy. But, for the moment, this is a good story by an exceptionally wise and fine human being of solid parentage. Read it, pass it on, generate TRAFFIC.


  1. So that's what the kids are up to these days, is it?

    Binge-drinking, BNP rallies, sexting, happy-slapping, art-discussion supper clubs... it's Broken Britain, I tell you.

  2. Great essay -- your daughter can write and has Dad's sense of humor.

    I like the idea of these supper clubs. I believe every educated generation up in its twenties longs to have the equivalent of the French "salon," to discuss the ideas and cultural events that engage their minds. I was a grad student in NYC in my twenties and gave at least one dinner party a month for this purpose, as did my other friends. So we had our own supper club going, though some of us were certainly better cooks than others, and some of us better intellects!

    The little appleyard does not fall far from the tree; be proud, Papa A.

  3. a very nice, readable piece. hey, parents, they f*** you up, don't they? nevertheless, it made me grateful I was younger earlier.