Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Solipsistic Rancour

'I have no desire to add my voice to the chorus of contemporary cultural lament, a centrifugal movement in which immense generalizations are produced out of solipsistic rancour.'
Geoffrey Hill, Style and Faith.
That reminds me of somebody - oh, hang on, it's me.


  1. Constructive Hypocrisy and Solipsistic Rancour - a devastating intellectual combination.

    Of course, what you've got to remember is that everybody in the world speaks only worthless platitudes except Geoffrey Hill, but only Geoffrey Hill is clever enough to understand this. It's a great wheeze.

  2. no more, please. we have a surfeit of poets at the moment - it's like everybody's speaking in tongues!

  3. Um, but you do add your voice...daily. And we like it and read it.

  4. Thats personal preference...