Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fukuyama and Sports Bras

For reasons that are unclear my articles are appearing sporadically or late on the Sunday Times web site. Last week's Fukuyama is now here. This week I explain the place sports bras are playing in David Cameron's election strategy but it doesn't seem to be up yet


  1. Good interview, and the best account of The E of H, which I now think a very witty idea--more important and witty than any or all that has emerged from conceptual art.

    I remain inclined to think rather well of Fukuyama.

  2. I've had a go at something of a thought experiment partly inspired by Fukuyama (and by your blog, of course).

    It posits that we've been living in a classically revolutionary period over the last twenty years, and that this imposes a particular logic on events.