Monday, November 16, 2009

Girly Boy Threat

Oh no! Never mind, as ever The Onion is on the case.


  1. You cannot beat nylon tights in the winter in these parts, they seem to keep the dampness out as well as the cold, a true classic.
    never without my wifes cast outs, rescued from the charity bag when out shooting on a winter Sunday morning... you have to be careful around the fire in the Pub at lunch time though, they can leave a nasty sore.

  2. Well Bryan, as you almost said once - There Goes Progress.
    There is no such thing as a female genius.As Doris Lessing pointed out a feminised society is stagnant.Men are the wacky risk takers and innovative thinkers.In education ,careers and social pressures,young men are under all sorts of attack but getting them in the womb is a low punch indeed.
    Show me the woman that would want to marry a man she considered intellectually inferior to herself.
    Actually, I mean that, show me that woman.