Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Spam Attack

I was hit by a Spam attack last night - 250 comments, mainly about Ugg boots and Nike trainers. I felt dirty all over. I have now set comment moderation for all posts older than 14 days.


  1. That's bad. I was recently hit by a spammer who defaced my blog with 300 comments advertising sexual favours on the Chinese mainland. I suggest you keep comment verification on and never look back.

  2. Call that a Spam attack, spare a thought for the indigenous population, in the nineteen fifties.

  3. You just described a typical day on Samizdata Bryan :-) Take your eyes off the blog for a moment and it gets overrun. One advantage we have being a group blog is many eyes watching for attacks, so we can stamp on them early.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Bryan, I get over 3,500 spam emails a day: not bad for a one-man company. Though quite why they send so many repeats, I have never understood; there is, after all, only one guy to read them. And they cover topics that make ugg boots look distinctly saintly.

    After a while, feeling dirty has nothing to do with it. Then the only things that matter are the filter false removals of your wanted email, and the number unfiltered that have to be scanned by eye.

    But I've kept them all: caught perps will have them printed out and placed on their rib cages: with this many, fatalities will ensue: natural justice.

    Best regards