Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Naming the Erection

I can exclusively reveal that the Cambridge University Library is to be renamed the Durex Library. The venerable condom maker seized this golden sponsorship opportunity when it was pointed out that the building had been called 'this magnificent erection' at the opening ceremony. In my days under the library's sinister, threatening shadow it was assumed this had been said by George V. Now, it seems, the words that ensured the Durex deal were spoken by none other than Neville Chamberlain.


  1. One of the most sinister buildings it has ever been my misfortune to sleep in. A cross between a power station and Cap'n Nemo's submarine. Give me the Bod any day.

  2. I wonder if they'll be offering library tickets in banana, strawberry and new! Kiwi fruit flavours.

    Given the advanced age of many scholars, Gaw, these old libraries must get a fair few who "fall asleep" only they don't wake up again. I wonder what happens. Perhaps they are still there.