Friday, November 13, 2009

Two More Reasons Why It Is Necessary to Love America

1)Frank Fairfield - check out these three vids.

2)Stanley Cavell - especially when he writes about Fred Astaire.
'From the pas de deux of the men, Astaire moves into a trance-like solo, quasi-dancing, quasi-singing in which his realization that he has found his way (back) to dancing strikes him as having found his feet again, as having re-found his body, and his ecstasy is such that when, in his twirling or reeling through the arcade, he comes across a coin-operated photograph booth, he happily manoeuvres his body in it so as to have the picture taken of his feet or shoes (strictly, the shine on his shoes).'


  1. well, I am of the opinion only a mother could love that boy. but he photographs well.

  2. three reasons why it's unnecessary to hate America (but not banjos)


    no gas

    more gas!

  3. Fred Astaire is one of my reasons for loving America too. Barry Humphries recently siad he believed Astaire was the greatest artist of the 20th century. I agree. Aside from the dancing, I suggest downloading the album 'Fred Astaire's Finest Hour' recorded in the 50's - it is delightful. When a gentleman sings, people listen.

  4. Love that ‘Nine Pound Hammer’. Just annoyed I can’t find more of this on the web.

    He has that quality of the best folk and blues, which is about the struggle to vocalise an emotion. It’s something in the straining of the voice. First time I heard Cajun music, I fell for that tension between the instruments and voice, one overwhelming the other. It’s a hard quality to describe. First time I really thought about it was hearing Beausoleil’s ‘Blues À Bebe’, still my favourite, but it seems to be the heart of so much swamp music.

    Of course, I can never talk about this without mentioning the true banjo master.