Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Agony of the Rationalists

Mandelson's assessment of Brown in the leaked emails confirms my own view of the relationship - 'I see Mandy as a movie director who used to work with Cary Grant (Blair) and now finds himself with some klutz who once had a walk-on part in Emmerdale.' Meanwhile, the greatest publication in the observable universe reports that Balls and Mandy are slapping each other and screaming. I shall offer a theory about this relationship. In the emails, Mandy says, 'A new public persona cannot be glued on to him.' Brown cannot be remade, in other words, we must work with what we have. Mandy is an empiricist and a pragmatist. Balls and the other Brown bastards are rationalists. They think the world can be remade by reason. They are destined to suffer the agony of the rationalist - perpetual frustration and incomprehension. They are also destined to make war on empiricists. Hence the Mandy-Balls issue. There is a further point. The linked emails are old - January '08 apparently. In theory, this could make things easier for Mandy in that he could claim things are very different now. But, of course, they're not. The Brown he so accurately anatomised then is precisely the Brown we have now. Our 'Prime Minister' is a machine that can never be fixed.


  1. philip wallingJune 07, 2009 8:40 am

    Were he fixable Brown wouldn't need Mandelson and Mandelson wouldn't be Prince Regent.
    He needs Brown like an ichneumon-fly needs a caterpillar.The caterpillar is doomed but what about the fly?

  2. Cookin'!

    Don't know why Balls is eager to move to no. 11. He'll only need an overnight bag and it would be a waste of time unpacking that.

  3. Oh dear. I wrote yesterday in a comment to your post that the situation had gone beyond extreme parody, and could you write a Thought Experiment on anything worse. I thought you couldn't but you've just done it.

    Despair. Sob. How are we going to get out of this mess? I see no viable options....

  4. Who are all these people you are talking about? Why are they important?

  5. A new public persona cannot be glued on to him.

    They don't know how to play their own game any more. Brown only has one card, which is 'gravitas'. If they'd played it properly he might actually have prospered in the world recession as a serious man for serious times, ie. the anti-Blair (and thus also the anti-Cameron).

    They've blown it with things like that Youtube disaster (and the rest of it, of course).

  6. I see Mandy as Dorabella and Balls as Fiordiligi, Mrs Balls as a downmarket Despina. WAM foretold it all.

    Apologies to Ludwig, Schwarzkopf and Steffek.

    How does one declare war on ones Balls ? firstly invading ones belly button perhaps, as an act of provocation. Failing that an act of aggression against ones buttocks, finally leading to all out war.
    Picture if you will the esteemed Lord M, standing there with belly button around his ankles and his buttocks ablaze, no change there then.

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