Monday, June 01, 2009

Brown Does a Cheney

Brown is doing a Dick Cheney - suddenly appearing everywhere, it's most provoking. He was just on Sky 'live from Worksop'. Is that possible? On Andrew Marr's show he spoke of his 'Prestbyterian conscience' which was seriously upsetting. He's bizarrely confident and he keeps doing that list thing - we did this, then we did that - which is intended to bully the interviewer into submission. That and setting up committees that will report long after - he hopes - everybody has forgotten the story are the only political tactics he seems to know. What he doesn't seem to know is that everybody's seen through them both. The amazing thing about our politicians is how bad they are at politics. Was it that Blair's tap-dancing covered up this ineptitude? Or is it that Brown's lads and lassies are exceptionally hopeless? Perhaps he's intimidated by people who are good at politics. Hence his bear-like embrace of Balls. Somebody, please, make it stop.


  1. I think the Biblical term for Brown is 'whited sepulchre'.

    The best-known Presbyterian conscience was that of Lord Byron. It left him in roiling torment about his dissolute behaviour. Mmmm..

  2. That Brown interview was an exercise in sycophancy

  3. On R4 this morning Evan Davies gave him an easier time than he deserved - even before Davies could ask him a question Broon jumped in with some fatuous speech that he had determined to say whatever the questions.
    Does anybody agree that he's one of the most boring men you've ever heard and so insecure that he cannot ever tell the truth or risk revealing anything about his true self.
    He must be one of the most dysfunctional people ever to have made high office(and that's saying something). It's interesting that Labour had to use the services of Blair and Brown to get elected - both of them probably mad - and talking of Byron (Gaw) bad and certainly dangerous to know.
    Presbyterian conscience, indeed. We are no longer taken in by such rubbish - people don't even know what it means except that it belongs to a man who clearly has no conscience for what he has inflicted on us and still refuses to go or call an election.

  4. I heard this morning he rang the producers of Britain's Got Talent to find out how Susan Boyle was! We've sent grapes, we've sent flowers, I bought a card and we've all signed it...

    He's too much, he's gotta go.

  5. The Presbyterian conscience phrase didn't work for me either. But then, for me, you're either a Jesus person or you're not. The rest is worthless fluff compared to Him.

    The timing of Brown's departure - and, if different, of the administration - has become important. Whatever changes are now going to be proposed by the main parties in our constitutional arrangements and in which current MPs stand for them at the next general election, there is a strong argument for some delay, to minimize the effects of rage and maximize transparency, good judgment and fairness - late in the day though the transparency has come, and through dirty money paid, not the clean New Labour avenues of Freedom of Information. (There is the opposite problem of further salary, expenses and pay-off for those that choose to go at a general election - but I think we just have to wear that and hope for the right prosecutions for the worst cases. It's much more important for the future to end up with a higher quality group of MPs, and surely public anger can't boil at the same level for a full year. Not an easy call though.)

    Nothing to be proud about in any quarter, including most of the media, but, whatever the short-term interests of the Tories, some time to reflect has got to be right. And Thursday is a rare opportunity. I'm with Lord Tebbit on that.

    It's also worth reflecting, with Bryan, how the current situation has revealed the vaunted old spin-meisters as completely inept - look at Mandelson and co now. We are undergoing judgment on a whole load of things. It may become possible to enjoy that.