Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ulster - it never lets you down does it? I'm sure they think their suffering at the hands of Romanian immigrants is unique in human history and of urgent global signifiance.


  1. Martin McGuinness can't understand the mentality of these thugs apparently. He's shocked people are capable of such outrages.

    Sometimes I feel we've wondered into some absurd fictionalised version of our world.

  2. ...and in today's other news Tony Blair, introducer of human rights legislation and wife of Cherie Booth QC of Matrix Chambers, appears to have been turning a blind eye to complicity in torture (and that's giving it its kindliest interpretation).

  3. Now then, Gaw, while you have every right to criticise Blair, I must take issue with your reference to him as the "wife of Cherie Booth".

    Like Melissa, I find your use of feminising language to disparage him both homophobic and sexist...And possibly racist, why not?

    You are right, of course, about the world being an absurd fictionalised version of itself.

  4. Brit

    As the sexist homophobe in Melissa's sights I feel unable to comment on issues pertaining to Ulster for fear of being additionally labelled as prejudiced against stupidity.

  5. Why the Romas felt they could stay alive in a savage environment like that beats me. It's not England where immigrants can do whatever they damn well like.

  6. I stand corrected Brit. I'm not sure the word 'kindliest' exists either.

    I blame it on being further thrown into confusion by PETA's condemnation of Obama for fly-ocide (reported in The Times). Perhaps they wanted the entirely innocent insect to be relocated to Bermuda with the Uighurs? In any event, truly Amerika and its terrifyingly bloodthirsty overlord is the Great Satan.

  7. Gaw

    If you want to be truly stupefied go and look at Bea Campbell's article justifying her accepting an OBE as the correct thing for a 'republican, Marxist, feminist, green and lesbian to do'. Beyond satire

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