Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I Try Live Blogging

So Blears has gone and Darling won't go to the FO. On the bright side, Sky News just found somebody captioned as 'Gordon Brown's Friend'. I wondered who it was.
Brown can't now do a reshuffle because he holds no cards, though I can think of one possible solution. There are 140 ministers - I know, absurd isn't it? - give Ed Balls 70 of these jobs and Yvette Cooper the rest. It might all get a bit stressy, but everyone says they are very clever with proper degrees and stuff.
Oh hang in Gordo is coming out... No he's not. He's curled in a foetal ball in the hallway... Very wise, I find it often works.
Ah he's here. Light blue tie. Smiling. Botox obviously. Gone.
Somebody called Martin Salter with a haircut only an MP could possibly have. Lackey.
A few smelly-looking types on the green benches....
Bolton says he's already shuffling because of the presence of putty-featured Nick Brown.
'Is a visit to Dignitas the only answer?' asks ChrisH commenting on my previous. Of course, that was where Brown was going.
Welsh man with Hitler moustache. Nothing there.
Geoff Hoon on some other channel arguing with Andrew Neil about his second home. So last week.
Brown in House not Zurich. Johnson looks very sulky.
Guido says Caroline Flint rumoured to be resigning. Truly the revolt of the women.
Oh here we go... Defiant.
Brown thinks people should take a step back... er. Unbelievable evasion.
What are Mewslim communities?
Live blogging over. It gets in the way of my stamping and screaming....
It was Cameron's moment to be magisterial and he failed.


  1. Soooo, it was one of the Valkyies that set fire to Valhalla, sneaking away from her Lorelei, can of kerosene in hand. Oddly enough I thought the rocks looked empty as we drove through Sankt Goa last week.
    The night of the second of June will forever be known as the night of the long knitting needles.
    A new era is upon us, wheel in the next sack of twats.

  2. Taking up the liveness mantle ... switch to PMQs two minutes early, Paul Goggins assuring Northern Irish MPs that faith-based organisations do great things ... Brown gets roar on taking his seat, someone jokes he didn't know the issue was so important to the House. Brown comes out fighting against the SNP ... Cameron now on his feet ... Jacqui Smith's ironic smile as she's praised by the PM a picture ... the Speaker threatens to end PMQs because Labour won't stop shouting ... so the Tory side also goes into uproar. "It's words, words and words" says Brown. That I think summarises it.

    The earlier stuff on the foolishness of posing as progressive, not least the quote from Chesterton, more helpful than any of this.

    Watching Paxman and Hague last night did remind me of the egregious Newsnight assumption that doubting climate disaster was equivalent to being a fascist and, more helpfully, of the benefit of a referendum on Lisbon if the government fell in the next month.

    The poorest 20% in the country have got poorer as the 20% richest get richer, the SNP rightly raises. The killer issue for New Labour. I don't buy the idea that we know nothing about why. Less government and bureaucracy would mean more dynamism, would lead as always to grass root improvement.

    Looming global warming catastrophe now assumed by Labour MP, giving PM chance to emit self-righteous hot air over measures that will in fact further penalise those without electricity if agreed at Copenhagen, that's really the pits.

    PMQs over. How sad was that.

  3. You should do more live blogging.

  4. The result is Ginsbergian.

  5. some links would've been nice.

  6. Did you know that we have people in this country being saved from actual starvation by charity handouts? This bunch of evil leeches need to be up against a wall...