Monday, June 01, 2009

Ludwig and Danny

The death of Danny La Rue reminds me that Peter Ackroyd once pointed out that Wittgenstein's last words - 'Tell them I've had a wonderful life' - could have been spoke by the immortal Danny himself. They had so much in common, not least the private language argument.


  1. last words, I hope you've rehearsed. that's one thing we hoi-polloi don't have to worry about.

    ''I said he'd be gone by June....''

    not for a long while yet, I hope, Mr. A.

  2. Had a long breakfast conversation with Quentin Crisp once, the main topic was Danny La Rue's stage presence, the weather and Danny La Rues scmutter.
    Well, what the hell else do you talk about in a nearly deserted hotel restaurant at seven o'clock in the morning with the king of queens.

  3. Ludwig had better legs, though.

  4. Re: last words, how about:

    "My consolation is that the transhumanists were wrong."