Saturday, June 06, 2009

More on the Great Steaming Pile

'A vulgar, sexist bully,' writes Peter Riddell of Alan Sugar. Yesterday even Harriet Harman was rendered speechless by this appointment. The point is that in any sane list of British businessmen worthy to be elevated to this role Sugar would not come in the top thousand. I'm not sure he would appear at all. So he's only there because of The Apprentice. Sheesh! The depths to which Brown is prepared to stoop never cease to amaze. He should also be warned that Sugar is a public relations loose cannon as I discovered when I interviewed him. Brown wouldn't get that, of course, his own nose for public relations was lopped off at birth. His runners - Balls, Alexander etc - were all over the lobby telling hacks there was going to be an election soon after his appointment by coup. This was reported then there wasn't. Now they've done the same, telling everybody Darling was toast. But he isn't. Brown is now a joke even among the Westminster hacks. He is, of course, married to a former public relations executive. But perhaps, like Caroline Flint, she's just window dressing. Anyway, once you've read Matthew Parris, that's all that needs to be said about this great steaming pile of horsehit on this Saturday morning.


  1. Well, he's off to see Obama today. In his mind, this will play very well with the electorate - as did his interest in that nice lady Susan Boyle (despite all the collapsing scenery, he did phone Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan earlier in the week) and his interest in the Lions tour of South Africa at yesterday's press debacle. Also, despite our dire public finances, he going to increase spending -unlike those Tories. Best man for the job and all that.

  2. Dear God....

    Yes, ''sheesh!''. Quite.

  3. So the 'vulgar' part is the criticism, eh? Well, possibly.

  4. Horseshit steams ? for f..ks sake don't tell the global warmers.

  5. God help us if Sugar is the best that Brown can come up with.
    You can judge a man by the company he keeps.
    Sugar is a shameless, shallow, ugly, immoral loudmouth, whose rudeness and grasping example has done much to corrupt what's left of the manners of the young of this country.
    If I ever had doubts that Brown was unfit for any office this appointment has dispelled them.
    Why? What has Sugar to offer that anybody needs? Any business run along Sugar's lines wouldn't last long - as I understand his hasn't.

  6. Hey dont bring horse shit down to Broons level, its the best fertilizer their is, just add nitrogen fertilizer to deal with the straw and wood component of the horse shit and away you go.

    Its also great in the compost pile, after 6 months you will have black gold. Dont try adding Sugars emailer to the mix that has to go to the land fill.

  7. Sr'alan Sugar and Glenys Kinnock, get 'em in. Fascinating recruitment policy, but what's the pattern?

    Ant and Dec as joint Housing Ministers, Roy Hattersley for Transport and to sort the cricket team out. Sharon Osbourne for Health and Dennis Skinner the new Culture tsar. Cat Deeley to replace Darling as Chancellor, Tony Benn on drums. We're through the looking-glass here people...

  8. S'obvious Brit, dartboard / passport photo's / blindfold / spin three times / think like Jockey Wilson / chuck the darts / hold press conference / do tongues with Nick Robbo / survive another week.

    Blodwen Kinnock, for goodness sake, that clapped out old hag.

  9. "I have faith in myself treating people fairly," says Broon.
    Psycho Babble?

  10. I have nothing to say about British politics, but I do like the idea of a one-'n' "loose canon." It's the canon that lists "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy as a classic, whereas the priggishly tight canon would never have listed it. Even Dickens suspect as children's lit. in the tight canon.

  11. Coming up in the next reshuffle -

    Derek Draper returns as mental health tsar.

    Whoever wins Big Brother as culture minister.

    Susan Boyle as Archbishop of Canturbury.

  12. One of the Times's "humorous" columnists already did that list of the next cabinet.

    But - I honestly did not think that there were lower depths to which this messy lot could sink. I am disgusted at this pandering to crap emptiness and media idoicy. I noticed in the Times report that Alan S. is is still able to keep his contract to run the apprentice again next year.

    Note that the department of "universities" has now been abolished and moved into "business".

    What a load of old rubbish - Peter Mandelson is the architect of all this, I suppose, as he is now said to have fulfilled his lifetime's ambition to be the PM's (any PM) right-hand man.

    Seriously, could you do a thought experiment on anything worse, Bryan? What has happened already is beyond the most extreme parody.

  13. I've always wondered how dictatorships managed to hang on under collapsing economies ect ect - nobody willing to say boo! but now it's all painfully clear. Anything, everything sacrificed to prolong office, despite it being worth less and less every day. Just what are they getting out of it? After the pathetic expenses exposure, it obviously isn't money (we can't even do that properly).

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