Monday, June 01, 2009

Susan Boyle

'She'll crack,' said my wife when Susan Boyle lost. And she has. Brilliant for ratings, I imagine.


  1. philip wallingJune 01, 2009 8:05 am

    Poor thing!
    Half-mad to start with and now tipped over the edge by ruthless exploitation of her soul.
    If you needed evidence of the destructive power of television on all it touches here it is.

  2. Poor woman.

    Couldn't stand the whole show and she had a talent no better than that of 10,000 new singers churned out annually by China, but she is now far worse off than if she had never gone on the damned thing.

    I think Simon Cowell should be forced to put her up at his gaff; that'll make him think twice.

  3. She will share that with Britney Spears.

  4. It's always hard to lose when you're absolutely sure you're going to win. She'll learn from it, though no time soon. And maybe she'll get a beau out of it, some fellow who wants to comfort her and figures she's more approachable as a loser than a winner.

    Still, I think these shows are just ridiculous. I only watched the first season of American Idol because my kids were into it. I find it bizarre that so many nations are rapt watching talent shows.

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  6. I thought the following was perceptive, relevant to wider debate about modernisation of democracy:

    The switch in voting from Boyle to Diversity seems to have coincided with Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden, two of the judges, telling Boyle she would win. It echoes a rebellious streak seen in the voting in previous talent shows. Ellis Cashmore, professor of culture at Staffordshire University and author of the book Celebrity Culture, said: "The public has got a huge sense of empowerment now," he said. "They know they can make or break celebrities and they can be rebellious."