Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blair, Cat Stevens and the Moustache Brothers

Rotten with politics as we are this week, I made another game attempt to get on board by watching the Blair interview this morning. Unfortunately, as the previous item was about the return of Yusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens, as a performer, the Blair thing just seemed like a rather tedious interruption. What was clear is that Phoebe hasn't the slightest intention of backing Sulky in a leadership contest. This could make politics mildly interesting for a while, though I still think Blair won't go. None of which, however, is of the slightest interest next to the story of The Moustache Brothers who are plainly the only funny thing about Burma. This, of course, got them flung in prison. This picture of the guys has been making me deliriously happy for 24 hours now. I identify with the one on the left, though I'd rather be the one on the right.

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