Monday, September 25, 2006

Prince Charles and the Eggs 3

I am a bit out of touch so there may be developments in the Prince and the boiled eggs story of which I am unaware. However, while driving down the M11, the solution to all our current problems came to me in a dazzling flash of whiteish light. Not only would it put an end to the egg harassment of the Royals, it would also strike a blow against the public culture of cynical, populist infantilism (see previous post). All the Prince has to do is issue the following statement.
'I will boil as many eggs as I like, I'm going to be your bleeding King for God's sake. So hop it back to your 'orrible little hovels."
The nation would find a new peace with itself and our former colonies would be demanding to be readmitted to the Empire.


  1. It may not make us wish to rejoin the empire but it would certainly make us recall why we left in the first place. Ignoring that, the Prince is a wealthy man and his egg fetishes seem quite trivial compared to the foibles of other wealthy people including wealthy Americans. If the worst defect he has in his personality is to be particular about his eggs then he is doing quite well.

  2. You pathetic little peasants make me laugh. And yes with no sense of irony, I will boil as many eggs as I like.

    PS Say hi to Jeffrey for me.

  3. Welcome, HRH. You wrote to me once before, years ago. But my lips are sealed. Jeff says hi.

  4. Try again.
    I first thought that this sounded like a wimpish fertility rite for southern jessies but now suspect it's something altogether darker - Robert Graves would have had a field day. Key to the mystery is: why seven eggs, and what happens to the six rejects ?

  5. Deep, dark waters, David, deep and dark.

  6. All is explained ...
    All is explained ...

    Obviously got one as a wedding present ...