Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blair to Appear in Remake of Friends

Okay I lied. But I was considering the content of this leaked Downing Street memo - here - and it's idea of a farewell tour for the Prime Minister complete with TV appearances and crowds of adoring admirers. Of course, if Friends were still running, the Number 10 wonks would have been agitating to get him on. But my point is this memo is not just about bad taste and vanity, it is about delusion. Think of it as Phoebe trying to book Wembley Arena to sing Smelly Cat.
PS: Go to the Jeffrey Archer blog, he is really cooking.


  1. An interesting if unsettling insight into the collective mind of these dealers in illusion. Anyone a reader of imo the Russian genius Victor Pelevin? In his novel Babylon (not his best work), it turns out the politicians are a combination of actors and computer generations by the State media industry.
    And I agree Jeffrey of course is on fire but it goes without saying, doesn't it?

  2. I shall seek out this Pelevin. So hard to keep up with the Russians. Have you seen a film called Burnt by the Sun? Wonderful. Get it.

  3. Haven't seen or heard of Burnt by the Sun till now. Thanks for the recommendation- I'll certainly check it out. And admitting to be pretty lazy in cinema going, I wonder have you seen The Return, a recent Russian film, I thought wonderful. I seem to be magnetically drawn towards Russian art. Perusing sites of Russian icon art last few days. One very good site here
    Just to throw a compliment your way; came across your New Statesman Tarkovsky article recently which I though excellent, and the description of him as the great religious artist of the 20th century very apt.
    Regarding Pelevin, The Clay Machine Gun, sometimes called Buddha's Little Finger, is the one I'd probably most heartily recommend. A brilliant short story writer also- I'm not one to rave about titles of books but it's hard to beat A Werewolf Problem in Central Russia!

  4. Thanks, Andrew. I knopw what you mean about the Russians. Been readingChekhov short stories myself lately, Unsurpassed, I think.

  5. You're not wrong about Jeffrey... He's on fire!

    Such a modest man. I am currently enjoying the comments of his adoring public; how does Jeffrey fit so much self-publicity in to one day?

  6. Hard work, sheer hard work. He is a lesson to us all, James.