Monday, September 25, 2006

Politicians Make Me Sick

I just saw Gordon Brown get his bloody kids into the first sentence of an interview as an explanation of his sleepless nights. Oh no, he wasn't losing sleep over his conference speech. Nausea gripped me. George Walden is right - cheap, infantilising populism is rotting public life.


  1. Writing as a friend of George (!) can I add that last night's Panorama with Marr interviewing Brown fathomed new lows of banality. Why should the license payer fork out for one Scot puffing another? Is this what the BBC calls investigative journalism? Did I spot a large elephant called Charles Clark somewhere in the room? The interviewer spouts the same trashy vocabulary as 'New Labour' rather than probing what exactly lies behind the same phrases as used by G. Brown. Its all totally unrelated to action- vide the government's failure to deport a single foreign Islamist cleric, and Reid's closure of the Home Office unit responsible for deporting foreign criminals the moment the news caravanserai had moved on.

  2. To the point as ever, Michael, thanks. The mouthing of pallid New Labour nostrums is, this morning, reaching fever pitch. You're absolutely right, Marr never actually asks what they mean. The Reid thing is a shocker.