Friday, September 29, 2006

Tory in Bus is The Last Man

Here you can read about the gosh-golly, spiffing wheeze of Nick Boles, a potential candidate for Mayor of London. He's taking a London bus to the Tory conference! Don't you just love that zany, madcap Tory humour? Well, of course, no. People my age or younger go into politics for all the wrong reasons - for the 'important" discussions and the jolly japes. Now that New Labour has turned the electorate into a mass of mewling toddlers, the important discussions are a thing of the past and it is the japes that everybody wants. The japsters are Nietzsche's last men, they have invented happiness and they blink. The Tories are going along with this. The party is full of wet-lipped, swivel-eyed, deeply unfunny gagsters, all with curiously deformed hind-quarters - why is that? There is, however, hope. I was at college with Charles Clarke, the former Home Secretary. We loathed each other then, but have now made it up. In fact, we like each other. At Cambridge, he was a wet-lipped, bearded student politico talking the usual nonsense. In his last days at the Home Office and since then, he has started making sense. The stupid brutality of his sacking must have shocked him out of bad politics. I find myself admiring him. Perhaps the condescending pranksters need a few good sackings to make them see sense. I'd quite like to do it myself.


  1. Yes funny that about the deformed hindquarters - seems to apply to all politicians of all parties. David Owen was notorious for his reluctance to remove his double-vented jacket on any occasion, even a larky photo-opp kickaround. What horrors lurked between those vents one can only imagine... You seldom see a politician in anything but a double-venter - there must be a reason. I sense there is something we're not being told.
    The shining exception to this rule - the sole political animal with perfectly formed hind quarters - is of course our own much-tried (in and out of court) Jeff .
    N (pro bono publico)

  2. There is a rumour that Owen has three buttocks. But doesn't Jeff have some funny spots or something on his back?

  3. I'd have reckoned on four myself. As for Jeff, his back was declared spotless and without blemish by the fragrant Mary - shame on you for revisiting that sordid incident.
    Charles Clarke's hindqaurters, I seem to recall, were the talk of King's, weren't they? Since then he's retreated into the double-venter like the rest of them.