Sunday, September 03, 2006

Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari: a Considered View

While idly looking up something about Venice, I stumbled upon this revew of Santa Maria Gloriosa de Frari, a church which, among other things, includes the great Titian Assumption, a sublime Bellini and a Donatello which leaves you speechless. The review is from a site called Igougo which claims to offer "honest advice to get you going". I have a suspicion it is by none other than globetrotting Jeffrey Archer. There are stylistic clues and it does give one that familiar, eerie feeling of being dead.

"Average Rating ? 9, Estimated time to allot ? 1 hour, Cost $1.50
This church taught us an important lesson. You can be the best planner in the world and use the most up-to-date resource and still find yourself in a predicament in Venice. When they say that the opening times are subject to change, they mean it! We walked a long ways to the Frari, only to discover that it is no longer open on Sundays. Because of this, we avoided anymore church visits on Sundays, even during Visiting Hours. This is a wise move. Sunday is the first day to find its way off of the schedule for a church.
Even if you have to walk here two different times, this church is worth the trip. The Frari is incredibly large with high ceilings. There are paintings and marble sculptures along the sides. The altar has a beautiful painting with deep reds and blues, and it's surrounded by old stained glass. On the sides of the altar are marble statues, probably of saints. The floor is worn peach and bone marble. The stones make this basilica very cold!"


  1. The marble statues are probably of saints!?! I'm on the next flight over.

  2. I'm worried about those distressed peaches all over the floor. Could explain the stones of course...

  3. I know, weird that isn't it? But at least he/she noticed that the Titian had 'deep reds and blues'. Not entirely without an eye.

  4. You're serious, it's a Titian which he doesn't mention?! Must be Jeffrey.

  5. I'm always serious, Andrew. It's a great burden.

  6. It must be the early mornings, Bryan. It can't be good for you. I think I suffer from the same problem though. It must be the late nights.