Saturday, September 23, 2006

Jeffrey Archer's Ghost

Oh and my friend George, see below, has suggested I offer to ghost write Jeffrey Archer's blog. 'There must be money in it,' he said, 'he's a lot richer than you.' How true. I found myself, however, in a stylistic quandary. I could attempt to push the envelope of his style - 'I awoke this morning with a slight pain in my left big toe. Happily, it soon cleared.' Or I could go for something as hard-boiled as one of the Prince's eggs - 'Did a charity auction. Killed a guy. Guess we all do auctions. And kill guys.' Or Johnsonian - 'A man is seldom so innocently employed as when he is auctioning for charity.' But I'm sure I could come up with something. Would Jeffrey buy it?


  1. Rumbled. I thought you protested too much. Superficial analysis of both sites I think indicates a bipolar personality crying 'look, look: I can hold down TWO blogs!'. Yours is white, airy, expansive (gnostic even); his, dark inpenetrable, gothic, self-regarding. I think you are his alter-ego. Have you two been seen together ever?

  2. We have, David, but a few weeks ago in London's fashionable Caprice restaurant. He was gaily introduced to me, we exchanged chilly looks. This does not invalidate your theory, of course. He could have been an android, or I could be. It often feels like that.