Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Goat Bride

A goat - unnamed, so I shall call her Edith - has been obliged to marry one Mr Tombe in Sudan. Mr Tombe has also had to pay a dowry of $50 to Mr Alifi. Apparently, Mr Tombe was found in flagrante with Edith and the village elders decided marriage was the only option. This is not quite what I had in mind when I spoke of respecting the non-human wilderness. Edith, however, professes herself "over the moon" and says Mr Tombe is a "very gentle lover".


  1. Gives a poignant new meaning to the phrase 'the wife and kids', doesn't it?
    M.K. Jeeves

  2. Arf, arf, MKJ. Hello got the rights to wedding after bidding war with What Goat?

  3. We made that illegal over here in Tennessee.

  4. Welcome, newscoma, and I'm glad to hear it. I note from your excellent blog that your town of Dresden, Tennessee, has now got Sushi. Hot damn indeed.