Saturday, September 09, 2006

No Degrees of Separation

Funny the things you find on Saturdays. I found the Literature Map, for example. I won't bother to explain but it lost my confidence when it listed Vladimir Nobakov, Oscar Wild and Shakespear. What really rattled me, however, was the fact that Tolkien came up on the same page as Marilynne Robinson.


  1. I tried Victor Pelevin and got a recommendation of Hywel Ab Owain Gwynedd- seemingly a Welsh courtly love poet from the early Middle Ages. I'm kind of baffled as to the connection between Pelevin-not too misleadingly described as a kind of Zen Buddhist cross between Aldous Huxley and Lewis Carroll, and this man. But who am I to argue- my future reading has been decided.

  2. Brilliant, Andrew, but, true to form, I think they got the spelling if Hywel Whatsit wrong. I hope you are not Welsh.

  3. Slightly further west, Irish. And I'd like to add whatsit as possibly my favourite word though if for some odd reason I ever end up on The Actor's Studio when asked my favourite word I'll feel compelled, no doubt, to very sincerely answer "Yes", and when askd my least favourite, reply "No".