Friday, April 13, 2007

Americans May Know Something About Beer

And, while still in guy mode, I suggested some weeks ago that the Americans know nothing about beer. This list alarms me as it suggests my view may have been under-researched. I have never drunk any of these beers, but I intend to grab a bottle of Rogue Brutal Bitter at the first opportunity.


  1. Bryan, ‘ the Americans call 'micro breweries’. We have a few too - actually it's probably more than a few but I'm not a big beer drinker. That's not entirely true I'm big and I drink beer, it's just that I don't drink a lot...(shut-up!).

    My favourite is the Black Isle Brewery; they even home deliver!

    Disclaimer - I have no financial or personal involvement in the beer.

    I love their slogan - Save the planet, drink organic. I'm doing my bit

  2. Good luck if you can find any of these brews. The only one I've ever seen in a beer store is Sam Adams. Adams is a national brand, and they make over 20 varieties of beer, all good.

    Bryan, if you can't find any beers that you like here and you are in the vicinity of Minnesota, let me know. I just bottled a few cases of stout this week.

  3. Bryan, if you can't get the Rogue Brutal Bitterbefore summer, I'll be happy to pick up a couple of bottles from the brewpub if I cruise up the Oregon coast in the Model A Ford again this year. I usually drive by Andersen Valley and end up near Hood River, so let me know if you want to sample Boont Amber (#6) or Full Sail (#8) ales.

  4. Philadelphia is the epicenter of microbrewery heaven. Husband loves good beer and a quick look in our fridge today revealed several varieties of Dogshead, Stoudt, and Sam Adams (all on your list).

    Should any of you ever get to our fair city, there are several restaurants that specialize in beer/lager/ale/stout/lambic, etc. My favorite is "Monk's Tavern," where they also have wonderful steak/frites (it's a Belgian place) and mussels, of course, for washing down with a brew of choice.

  5. The Saranac Brewery in upstate NY makes excellent beers including a very good IPA. It isn't anywhere as good as home brew but it will do in a pinch.