Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Some Cinematographer Talks About Love, Life and the Movies

I don't normally link to The Onion; either you won't need me to tell you about it or you won't get it, so there seems little point. Their spoof magazine covers, however, are just too good to miss. As ever with The Onion, there is a meticulous awareness of the language and style of the media. April 7, 2006: Heterosexual Men's Fashion; March 24, 2006,: The Hidden Buddhist Threat in our Midst and so on. The Photo-Caption Issue (February 16, 2007) is a weirdly exact parody of those magazines that, having run out of ideas, always grasp at the most tenuous straws. The covers capture the babbling inanity of the newsstands where each mag demands your attention by being exactly the same as every other mag. The deranged blandness of the Feb 2nd 2007 issue says it all.


  1. I love The Onion. It makes me laugh out loud. And that's not something I do very often (it makes other people uncomfortable). The last time I dipped in to it there was a story about the Bill of Rights being shortened to six to make it more manageable - I nearly fell of off my perch.

  2. I think my favorite Onion story was the one wherein it was revealed that a tenth circle of Dante's Inferno had been added, and was reserved for publicists and spin doctors.

    BTW, as an aside, and an indirect claim to fame, I knew some of the Onion's founders back when we all lived in Madison, WI, before they went (inter)national. Some seriously smart, deranged individuals.