Friday, April 06, 2007

Word News

I fear Amanda may have taken to self-parody. A recent post starts with the following: 'Natasha at Pacific Views has the best post about domestic abuse and how it is generally gendered that I've possibly read on these here internets.' I'm troubled by those last three words, they suggest literary self-awareness, a quality she has never shown before. Meanwhile, I learn that Audi is the Latin translation for the German name Horch, which means 'Hark!'. What happened to hark? Such a handy word should not be consigned to the dustbin of history. Decoherence, however, is the word of the future. It is a problem in quantum computing and Good Friday posts. Serious quantum computing may or may not have happened in February and, if it did, the Singularity is, indeed, near. Meanwhile, the verb 'to primark' is on the way. It means 'to throw away your clothes soon after buying them'.With the opening of Primark's gigantic Oxford Street store, millions will now have to primark their piles of £2 bikinis, £8 jeans, £4 khaki trousers and £15 oversized silver parkas. I predict a major environmental crisis.
PS And when are we going to be rid of the ghastly 'comedic'? It offers nothing that we need, given than we have 'comic'.


  1. Anyone who uses the word 'decoherence' should be retrospectively strangled at birth.


  2. Hark! I hear a sound.... It's the heavy breathing of my big black hound....

    Now I scent...she's on the scent...Good lord! What a scent! Light a match -- she ate the trash --

    and clear the room

    Her genes are sound
    But this poor hound
    She hunts no more
    Except for orts
    Upon the floor
    And forbidden shrink-wrapped plunder.

  3. On 'The Apprentice' this week, at the point where it was necessary to devise a product for the dog-owner's market, the leader of the women's team urged her colleagues that it was time to "do some ideation." And yet no-one in the room burst out laughing.