Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Talking CCTV 2: The Klingon Solution

The pursuit of invisibility continues. Following last year's development of a cloaking device that made objects invisible to radar, American engineers have developed a sort of spherical hairbrush that will bend light rays around an object so that you will see the background but not the object itself. So far it only works at one wavelength, but it's a step towards a full-scale cloaking device of the kind that the Klingons will, when Star Trek comes true, acquire from the Romulans. 'In principle,' says one engineer, 'this cloak could be arbitrarily large, as large as a person or an aircraft.' I want one so badly I can taste it. It has one killer app for anybody living in John Reid's Britain. It will conceal your movements from talking CCTV cameras.


  1. A bit of a worry Bryan.

    When I was growing up 1984 was pure fiction.

    Still we all know that as soon as thought, no matter how wierd, occurs it will become a truth. G

    Goes with the tricorder, matter transmitter and....

    Think it and it IS.

    This is the truth behind the Universe.

  2. This is rather creepy isn't it. Something odd is happening to Britain. We seem to be selling off all our biggest brands, industries, football clubs et al. and now we're all living in some kind of giant open-prison. Am I reading too much into this? Am I paranoid? Absolutely!

  3. Though that John Reid linked picture does have rather a benevolent twinkle around the eyes. He probably means well.