Friday, April 13, 2007

Man Hats 2: Breaking News

This just in from Kuala Lumpur Chris:
'I have finally met a real King in a real palace - Sultan Mizan, now the Malaysian Agong, is a most charming and gentle man who was appalled that anyone could impose a 'Malays only' restriction on filming a documentary about his forthcoming Coronation. It was essential that I meet the King wearing a Songkok - a hat to you and me but one that is essential for any important social encounter here. It cost me 60 ringits - and nearly me my life since I had to get to the Songkok shop during a spectacular thunderstorm. On the way back from the Palace, the teksi driver asked me if I was Muslim.'
Could the Songkok be the answer? Or must we retreat to the Outdoor Research Element Bucket? We are at a crossroads.

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