Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Ask the Unaskable

1)Is there anything fundamentally wrong with snorting the ashes of your father?
2)Should Keith Richards' teeth really be in better condition than the rest of him? Is it something to do with the calcium?
3)Is Prince Harry, the hair apart, an embarrassment?
4)Why, exactly, are the Chinese suddenly allowing a gay TV show?
5)Do we need the word 'neurotheology'?
6)Is Wayne Rooney really cut out to be Indiana Jones?
7)And, finally, we know Gordon Brown has a ping pong ball in his mouth but what does John McCain have in his cheeks?


  1. I'm laughing. Now, must do some work.

  2. I suspect you ask this question facetiously, Bryan, but I happen to know the answer. It's a trick he learned as a POW in Vietnam. Like a hamster, he keeps food rations in there for the lean months.

  3. RE: #4: Because the male-female ratio in China is climbing ever higher, so they need to encourage alternative lifestyles. OTOH, perhaps the leading cadres are finally ready to come out of the closet and are merely preparing the public-at-large for that moment.

    The truth is that the high rate of male vs. female births is nothing more than a large-scale top secret research project to resolve once and for all whether the determining factor for being gay is nature or nurture. We shall soon find out. Then again, perhaps we just have.

  4. Well, I wouldn't do it. Would you?

  5. I think neurotheology is misnamed, it should be theoneurology. Neurotheology would be a form of theology.

  6. "what does John McCain have in his cheeks?"

    Bush's semen. McCain is not a swallower.

  7. And I absolutely love the Keith Richards story. I think it is hysterical that he could tell such a ridiculous story to a reporter and that he would believe it.