Monday, April 23, 2007

Harry: Come and Get Him, Boys

In February I suggested that Prince Harry was being sent to Iraq as part of Blair's legacy project. His heroic death would provide Tone with another Diana moment and Elton John with another chance to rewrite Candle in the Wind. I was, er, joking. But, in fact, it was, yet again, my uncanny prescience at work. The Ministry of Defence seems to be actively goading the militias into seizing the lad.
'We have not concealed the fact,' said an MoD spokesmen, 'that he [Harry] is going out there and the bad guys know that he's coming, and we expect that they will consider him a high-profile scalp.'
Or 'Bring it on!' as our American friends would say. Harry is liked by the people, he is seen as Diana's true heir. It would, therefore, be another good death for Blair. Gordon Brown, in his lugubrious way, has seen it coming and is understood to be consulting astronomers about the possibility that we are approaching another mass extinction. These come round every 62 million years and now, Gordo reckons, would be a very good time.


  1. Are we to understand that you have, as our US friends would put it, issues, with dear Anthony.
    But the legacy idea, I seem to remember, was belched up by media persons during his first term. When similarities were marked with Clinton. Extended to suggest he was presidential and therefore would wish for a legacy. While the reality, hinged on a perceived need to govern around the Kindly Call Me God types.
    As to that chap being sent to Iraq, it would be a hope he stays away from boat trips.
    If his grandad calls the other one Blondy, how does he tag him ?.

  2. astrologists, surely? as any fule know, astronomy is concerned with observing the past not predicting the future.

    harry? now the only thing I know for sure about royals is it's an anachronism of modern democracy but I would have guessed it was the older lad who was the nation's sweetheart. harry has that look of a street gang lieutenant about him, narrow eyes and too ginger by half. a boy only his mother could love and, sadly, she gone. not someone I'd happily leave in charge of an automatic rifle, to be honest.

  3. Astronomy made its name by predicting the future, notably the return of Halley's comet in 1757. But, you're right, Gordo is probably riddled with dark superstitions.

  4. I predict that we will hear much more about cosmic radiation. There has been a recent flurry of "new-age" books on the year 2012. According to the Mayan long count calendar there will be a galactic eclipse - our sun will block our view of the centre of the milky way. Those of you bored with the christian apocalypse and global warming will have something new to worry about.

  5. ''...our sun will block our view of the centre of the milky way.''

    don't you just hate it when that happens? if it's not the sun, it's clouds!

  6. Who is this Harry person you speak of?

  7. I think he's a prince. Isn't he?

  8. I know you are a prince, Bryan. But I don't know about this Harry person.