Monday, April 16, 2007

The Man Hat: Problem Solved

I watched a six-piece band last night. Five of them were wearing hats. Three of these hats were black and vaguely homburgish. One was a sort of black skull-cap and one was large and white, somewhat like the hat worn by James Stewart in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. This is it, I thought, the man hat solution, the big white one. But, I thought sadly as the show ended, you probably have to be Bob Dylan to carry it off.


  1. This serious take on hats from Martin:
    Avoiding getting a basal cell carcinoma is a good reason for men getting a hat these days especially if you have fair hair (or had fair hair) and blue eyes. But then I was never one for slapping on the chemicals. Then again due to circumstances now changed I had the habit of taking long walks mid day when the sun was at its strongest.
    However having said that the hospital im waiting to have an operation at is working around the clock at the moment for this particular problem so the surgeons secretary indicated. So at the moment I'm a bit of an evangelist when it comes to this. Sadly yesterday the press was encouraging everyone back into the sun again yesterday for their daily dose of vitamin D.
    Incidentally im regarded as rather young for getting a BCC I was 45 when it was first diagnosed. Although down in Australia its not uncommon for sport loving Australians to have parts cut off at 19, because of the planets tilt they're subjected to more solar insulation. This is the reason many Australians seem to walk around in what looks like wet suits its UV protective clothing (check the sites out to see what I mean).
    Signs to look out for little fine veins over face ears etc(first warning to get in shade). Mine have mostly disappeared. If they begin to itch bad sign. Wound that doesn't heal justs scabs over or repeating breaks open again. Can have many forms however, some times waxy appearance rather than scabby. Most common places nose and thin skin around mouth, temple and eyes. Its a good idea to wear wrap around sun glasses if sun worshipper as a BCC near the eyes can lead to blindness. I prefer the ones that don't darken things for the wearer like a one way mirror.

    Oh yes and a hat wide brimmed, or a keffiyah (Arab headdress,if your not self conscious).

  2. The Panama is surely the most stylish man hat. But sadly, while it suits the Englishman perfectly, it is completely inappropriate for the English climate (unless global warming comes to our assistance, of course).

  3. How about endeavouring to bring back trepanning, Bryan? Surely in the swings and roundabouts of cultural fashion, it is due a renaissance.