Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good Amanda Post Shock

Yes, it's true, the queen of bad bloggery Amanda Marcotte has emitted a good post. Well, a funny, laugh with as opposed to at, one anyway. Well, in fact, it's not actually Amanda that's funny, it's the vid. Here it is. And, while I have you in vid mode, savour the interminable hair routine of Democratic candidate John Edwards. I defy you not to touch your hair while watching.


  1. when she talked about this penis busting her ass I was right there with the larger lady - whoa! but then it turned out to be purely idiomatic, phew! not that I give a monkey's, really.

    well, it was very funny but I think she had a fair point too, and I found it very educational in parts. if only Smith and Jones were this good.

    As for John Edwards - I bet he carries a manbag.

  2. Of course - for all his hair accessories.

  3. Just when I wanted to laugh and video is no longer available!