Friday, December 14, 2007

Ciao, Fabulous

Personally, I think it's great that somebody called Fabulous Acapella is going to manage the worst football team in the world. Some say he doesn't speak English. I see this as an advantage. Some say he is not as good looking as Jose Mourinho. Again an advantage. Some say he keeps winning things. Okay, this may be a disadvantage. But give the man a chance. He'll soon settle into the losing ways of our ludicrously overpaid, pissing and sex in public superstars. On the whole, a surprisingly sound choice by the buffoons of the FA.


  1. I just hope he selects Arsenal's soon-to-become-English French goalkeeper.

  2. Arsenal's goalkeeper is actually Spanish.

    Fabulous is 61 years old and his first assistant, Italo Galbiati, is 70. Let's hope they make it to the world cup,

  3. Oops, of course he it. I don't follow them that closely as they're not my team.

    Still, hopefully he'll soon be English and we'll have a decent goalkeeper.