Monday, December 24, 2007

Well, for myself, it is Christmas Eve as usual - i.e. my battered mind is reduced to one long shopping/to do list. I'll probably be off-blog for a couple of days too (though you never know). Meanwhile, this seasonal poem by R.S. ('Laughing Boy') Thomas swims into my mind. I'll leave you with it...


I choose white, but with
Red on it, like the snow
In winter with its few
Holly berries and the one

Robin, that is a fire
To warm by and like Christ
Comes to us in his weakness
But with a sharp song.

Happy Christmas!


  1. oh there you are! happy christmas, nige.

  2. Lovely poem, and a kind thought, Nige. Have a messy Xmas, and a merry one too!

  3. I'm hoping for both, Elberry - and the same to you, and to Ian.

  4. ... and of course everybody!

  5. A fine poem indeed, Nige, and a merry Christmas to you as well.

  6. One of my favourite poets, Nige. Have a merry old Christmas, just make sure you drag Bryan under the mistletoe for the rest of us.

  7. Merry Chrimbo Nige. I've just eaten my entire bodyweight in Quality Street. Hurrah!