Thursday, December 27, 2007

Not The Kinks!?

Things are so quiet that even this looks like a story. If the Kinks do re-form, it will surely rank high among the most utterly pointless band reunions ever. Ray Davies's mojo may still be (up to a point) working, but the band long ago imploded with rare finality, and has been lost beyond recovery for decades. What would be the point? Or maybe this is just another Ray Davies prank...


  1. Reunions are the surest sign that a musician is suffering from either creative impotence or the squeeze of alimony payments. Why write new (and mature) material when you can bastardize your youth? The whole thing is utterly depressing.

  2. Precisely, Richard - and this depressing tendency among (ex-)bands mirrors the equally depressing failure of kidults to move on to more mature forms of music rather than endlessly churning the music of an ever more distant youth.