Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Considered Reflections on Canoe Man

I'm not sure I have the energy to get a grip on this Canoe Man story. It's probably something cooked up by the Little Sods to distract attention from the woes of their boss, Hal. What I will say, however, is that my unusually dilatory colleagues do not yet appear to have asked the big question - what hat was he wearing when he 'vanished'? Thought Experimenters will recall the controversy about the correct hat to wear in a canoe/kayak. This is the sort of detail that brings a story to life, but, so far, no news from Panama or Hartlepool. Come to that, why Hartlepool? Nothing has ever happened in Hartlepool. If you say it three times, it doesn't even sound like a real place.


  1. Congrats on the crying post of yesterday.
    But to-days story is very odd indeed. ET, it seems that the Mail has found the Mrs Canoeman.

  2. what hat? He couldn't remember.

    Of course, had he been carrying an ID card...

  3. Ah thanks, Vince, and quite right, Ian. Can he also have forgotten/mislaid his DNA? There seems to be as further irony in the fact that the Daily Mirror seems to have found a picture of the couple on an estate agent's web site. Estate agents - they're always up to no good.

  4. attractive couple, semi-detached.

    it's strange that you're required to have your picture taken with the agent when buying a property in Panama.

  5. I'm sure Hangus the Monkey will have a bone to pick with you over Hartlepool. Ridley Scott went to art college there too - the town inspired Blade Runner!

  6. I'm confused by that article. Was Mr. Darwin with Mrs. Darwin in Panama living on his cashed-in life insurance policy; or was she there by herself while he cavorted with some tart in America?

    Don't get it. Maybe I need more coffee.

  7. "The correct hat to wear in a canoe/kayak". Why not kill two birds with one stone and use the canoe as a hat, as Andrew Marvell suggested:

    But now the Salmon-fishers moist
    Their Leathern Boats begin to hoist;
    And like Antipodes in shoes,
    Have shod theyr heads in their canoos.

  8. Regardless of the type of hat (I recommend a Tilley incidentally: you can use it to bail out), you might find this useful.