Friday, December 14, 2007

Hal, Tone and Barney

Can anybody come up with a credible explanation of Hal's decision to turn up late in Lisbon? He didn't want to sign 'in the public glare' says Tom Bower, but he did sign in the public glare. The TV cameras were on him as he was led through the debris of lunch to sign alone. By turning up late he multiplied the publicity effect and by signing late he compounded the humiliation.  Even brownies like John Kampfner are exasperated. In fact, of course, the only credible explanation is stark incompetence. Which is why politics is suddenly so interesting. And, meanwhile, Blair is showing him how it should be done in the incomparable Barney's latest vid. We are so blessed with our leaders. 'Dignified', that's the word I'm looking for.


  1. Much as the well traveled bride will turn up late, and in white.
    The whole thing has the bloss of the unseemly rush.
    GB in white fishtail a touch of Brussels. Strapless.

  2. Much as I dislike the man, Piers Morgan gave an interesting perspective on this episode on Question Time. He said Brown confirmed he was more interested in UK matters by going before the select committee, swanning in late and irritating the Euroluvvies is fine by me. It's just a shame they signed the bloody thing. Strangely, and I have been a fierce critic, I thought his behaviour was rather cool!