Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ponder Post 19: The Best Way to be Rich

The night club - if that is what it is - Movida has devised a £35,000 cocktail for Christmas.  The first buyer, Max Reigns, a 'property developer', was asked if he could think of a better used for the money and replied, 'It's about the same as a holiday, isn't it?' Meanwhile, Princess Michael of Kent has told an American - uuugh - who put his arm round her that , 'We don't do that.' Searching for a link for this, I discover that HRH has a web site. It makes Jeffrey Archer look like Soren Kierkegaard. Princess Michael - why is she called that? - is well known as the rudest, most snobbish member of the upper classes. This makes her, of course, a national treasure. But the ponder is: which is the better way of being rich - the Reigns way or the HRH way? I think I should be told.


  1. Having entered a state of suspended animation halfway through the first paragraph on HRH's website, I have to express a clear preference for the no-nonsense approach of Mr Reigns, a man who is at least unlikely to have 'written' a 'book' or claimed to be some kind of royalty. It's only in America that women are called Michael - a dead giveaway that.

  2. Max Reigns. Good name that. Rich idiots like Max make the world go round, so I don't have a problem with him.

    And too many members of today's upper classes neglect their duty to be unspeakably snobbish. I can't stand young royals trying to ingratiate themselves with the culture of the masses. It suggests a crisis of confidence, and without supreme self-confidence the upper class is nothing - indistinguishable in fact, from Max Reigns.

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  4. Leo Tolstoy knew "the way to be rich": Give it all away.

    I'm halfway through _War and Peace_ and it's a *great* novel. If you've got a spare month (say you're unemployed, like me), take it on.

    Leo is all about the meaning of life and how to live it. By the way, I'm reading Anthony Briggs' translation and it's first-rate. He goes for the laughs.