Thursday, December 06, 2007

How to Give the Nobel to a Proper Writer

The famously assiduous Dave Lull sends me this article. Why does the Nobel Prize go to 'socially responsible' novelists rather than John Ashbery? Ange Mlinko explains why - he's too good. Nice essay with lovely quotes - 'only time will consent to have anything to do with us'.


  1. Knowing that the suggestions I offer are bound to create outrage, I feel that silence is better than submission!

  2. I agree with Marilynne, but the Nobel givers tend to like a bigger oeuvre.

    Also agree about the award now relating more to politics than literary merit. Harold Pinter? C'mon!

  3. i once wanted to win the Booker, then thought it seemed petty and trivial. So i moved onto the Nobel, then considered, 'these are the swine who rejected Tolstoy, Wallace Stevens, Hart Crane, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce...'

    Kudos to them for admitting Eliot & Camus but the omission of Wallace St is staggering. No earthly crown will do.