Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Listen to Radio 1. Now

I find myself in the strange position of listening to Radio 1. Strange because, in general, I don't and because poptastic 1 is currently being broadcast from the living room of a friend of mine - Clare Penate. Her son, Jack, is, deservedly a star - I wrote about him in the ST before he was famous - and Jo Whiley is doing a 'lounge tour'. I feel I should send round a delivery of a ton of gravel to disrupt things. It's what Elberry would do. 


  1. Do you actually have a ton of gravel just lying about?

  2. Can't you order it on the net or something?

  3. You can order uranium ore, a dead rabbit, an anal douche and a Badonkadonk tank from Amazon - probably any of those would disrupt proceedings; the cheaper option is to send Welsh man of naked legend Chip Dale round to do one of his full stripteases in studio, a move guaranteed to halt all proceedings.