Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Toys Of Peace

The Brownite state's quest to micromanage its 'citizens'' lives from womb to grave continues apace, impeded only by that same state's evident inability to micromanage a pissup in a brewery - for which we must be grateful indeed. Its latest pronouncement, for what it's worth (zilch), seems almost sensible: boys, it declares, should be a encouraged to play with weapons. Hurrah! Teaching 'professionals' are, of course, up in arms. Readers of Saki will sigh and recall this fine short story, which really says it all.


  1. Though perhaps the inverted commas should be rendered "its citizens". These people's view of reality is that individuals are actually the property of the state, ie those caling themseves "the state".

  2. 'Teaching Professionals' are not really up in arms of course, most of us have allowed boys to play with pretend weapons throughout the current Stalinist ice age. If you take the guns off them they pick up twigs and use them.

  3. Quite so, Achilles - these 'teaching professionals' have rarely done much actual teaching (or, probably, parenting, which teaches the selfsame lesson about boys and weapons) .