Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Romanian Christmas

With the 'festive feast' of Christmas TV looming, I think we should pause to admire the Romanians. Most popular show in Romania, Christmas after Christmas, is the footage of the Ceausescus' execution. That's what I call Christmas TV.


  1. Having lived with a Romanian for years, I can assure you that she never tires of watching the Ceausescus' execution. In fact, she watches as she dances the Hokey Cokey.

  2. The circumstances in which they lost their heads are well known, Nige, but not an adequate excuse for you to have been so neglectful that you forgot to provide a link...

    In Romania they shoot you for that!

  3. Not one of those Cheeky Girls is it, Chip?
    Selena, I can only apologise - but I fear you'd have been disappointed anyway. For some reason, Romanian TV doesn't show the actual coup de grace. Seems a pity...