Saturday, December 15, 2007

That Diana Letter in Full

Darling Bryan,
Even though I am dead, I love your blog and I think everybody should read it all the time and post millions of comments.
Yours always,
PS For us, it was not to be. But we'll always have Ealing.


  1. I've heard she also wrote letters to Nige and I notice you haven't posted those. What did they say? What are you hiding? Is it true that you're really Prince Philip's secret brother?

  2. It would be presumptuous of me to assert that I was being guided from beyond the grave by the ghost of Lady Di, but I do feel akin to her spirit. It troubles me, but not enough to miss out on my Cristal. And the smart thing for you to do, boys, is to have another drink and forget the whole mess...


  3. Your have poor taste, Bryan. Many people loved Princess Di and you mock her? I think you have more in common with likes of Elberry and his crazed minions than perhaps you realise?