Thursday, December 27, 2007

Quiet Times For El Gordo

Well, how was it for you? Still going on for most of you, I daresay, but me I'm back at NigeCorp (where the halls are, I need hardly add, decked with boughs of holly tra-la-la-la-la, la-la la laaa, but there are few of my fellow myrmidons in evidence). I have the traditional Christmas legacy of a 'cold' (one of the most inadequate words in the English language, along with 'shy'). Over the break, it struck me, in the intervals when I was aware of the outside world, that this was a spectacularly uneventful Christmas in terms of 'news' - the BBC bulletins seemed positively desperate to dig up something that might pass as a 'story', usually falling back on sales in the shops and/or on the internet. Why, for several days, no confidential data was (were?) found to have gone missing - it was as quiet as that. Maybe Gordon (whom, in the wake of that big win on the Spanish lottery, I now think of as El Gordo) got his 'day off' after all. I dread to imagine what he did with it...
I reckon it's too early for the looks back and the looks forward - and I'll happily leave that side of things to Bryan. But here, as evidence of the man's uncanny sagacity and prescience, is the latest evidence (and almost the only vaguely interesting thing in the papers ) that Barak will win. This might even be a good thing - who knows?


  1. BaraCk. I rather hope he does win. About time we had a black president.

  2. Ah yes - BaraCk. And HilLary. Traps for the unwary... Hope you had a good Christmas, Susan.

  3. Obama's the man.

  4. We don't need a black president, a jewish president, a Mormon president, an atheist president, a woman president or an openly-gay president.

    If he is elected, I think his thin-skinned demeanor, unwillingness to let go of perceived slights that happened years ago, and his inability to talk about anything but himself with any degree of depth will be his undoing. He is already the most talked-about candidate who no one is allowed to talk about. Can't mention his big ears - even the normally irreverant cartoonists dont dare draw it after he said "Off limits." Can't talk about his grandfather's faith (but it is OK to talk about Romney's father and grandfather). Not allowed to talk about his father abandoning him and his mother when he was a tiny child because that doesn't fit the role being played and is too close to stereotypes for comfort (but it is fine to tag Hillary as a wife trading on her husband's success as if she were Lurleen Wallace). Not allowed to talk to his grandmother, or much about his mother, because they aren't the right color (but it's OK to quote McCain's 95-year-old mother as if she is an important cog in his campaign). Can't talk about his elite education. Can't talk about the way he wears his faith on his sleeve like Huckabee (but go ahead and slam Huckabee because that's ok). Can't talk about his close association with corrupt machine politicians in Illinois (but don't hesitate to point out Edwards is in bed with the unions and trial attorneys). Can't talk about how he's never had to engage in a genuinely contested election. Can't talk about his close association with his politically extremist church pastor (but it is fine to tar Giuliani with Pat Robertson). Can't talk about the different way he speaks to black churches (but go ahead and slam Hillary when she does the same thing). Can't talk about his smoking cigarettes, or the intimidation of photographers who had pictures of him doing so (but it is A-OK to talk about GW Bush's problem with alcohol as if it were yesterday or today).

    He's not ready for prime time, and he may be our next president, but he'll end up about as effective as Jimmy Carter.

  5. What media are you reading, Randy? I've seen him roundly critiqued -- "not black enough" for many, you may recall -- and praised by all the usual suspects. He doesn't look off-limits to me at all. His enemies are attacking him, his fans lauding him. Nothing else is new that I can see.

    I'd love to have Bill Clinton for president if we could get him back, but barring him, I like Barack Obama better than Hillary Clinton. My ideal would be the pair of them as running mates, but that will never happen.

    Thank you, Nige; I had a nice Christmas. I'm not big on this holiday, but it was great to have my first kid back from university for it, and especially to see my live-in comedy duo (her and her little brother) back in action.

    Hope you had a very merry time, too, and are gearing up for New Year's!

  6. I think El Gordo means the fat one. Another Spanish phrase we should have heard about is el cambio del cambio which that crook Filipe Gonzalez used to reinvent himself before his fourth electoral victory. We've had a lot of that from Brown, Cameron, Clegg. The change of the change? I'm going to vote for the first politician who says his programme will consist of rescinding a hundred laws a day. Radical inertia.