Friday, September 26, 2008


Ah, I appear to be back. Blogger shot me down there for a while. Disturbingly, my stats seem unaffected by the lack of posts, suggesting I need not blog at all. But, somehow, I still feel have to get a grip on things before I put on the cloak of silence. Or not.


  1. That's Google and all those other scrapers looking for your spider food, Bryan. Mean old world out there on the Internet, they don't even need people.

  2. The comments on some of your posts dont work thats why you appear to have no comments when I have like 70....ahem..

  3. The truth is that we were checking in for updates on the rumors that Sarah Palin had dispatched you with her ever-present AK-47 while helicoptering to the United Nations, in the mistaken belief you were a violent moose dancing upon the rotting corpse of the Merrill bull.